16 Feb - The Book is still being Written


The Book is still being written

Genesis 40:1-23 (Morning Prayer)

Joseph’s story, told in Genesis chapter 37 onwards, is rich with memorable moments and motifs. 

We can think of his dreams in Gen 37 and how he shared it with his brothers. Rather innocently, we will say. That became his undoing. He was betrayed by his brothers and left for dead. Do you have a divinely inspired dream? You would have expect a good outcome won’t you? But forJoseph, he ended up in a ditch. 

Think of his encounters with Potiphar's wife. “Lie with me,” she not so much asked but demanded. But Joseph won’t betray the trust given him by her husband. Nor will he "do this great wickedness and sin against God.” (Gen 39:9) Where did his righteous reaction led him to? Prison!

In this passage, he met two fellow prisoners and interpreted their dreams. The divinely inspired interpretations came to pass. Unfortunately for the the baker  - who had not only bake his last bread but lost his head -  the cupbearer’s life was spared and he was restored to his former position as cupbearer to the King. He lived on to taste again every sip and morsel to ensure his king is not poisoned. The predictions came to pass. Miraculous and amazing.

Again, we expect a good outcome for Joseph. But we were summarily told, "the cupbearer did not remember Joseph but forgot him.” (Gen 40:23)

It seem like each chapter started divinely well but ended badly for Joseph. What's the point of a divine miracle if it leaves you abandoned and forgotten each time? The story did not end here of course and we will go on to read of how his story became a story of hope for God's people everywhere.

Perhaps there is a message here for each of us. Perhaps some divine initiatives ended badly for you. Chapter-wise, it may be so. But for the story of your life, the book is still being written, the story is still being told. 

Take a leaf off Joseph's life. Stay faithful. 

We can end with this interesting and not-from-Bible quote: 
“Everything will be all right in the end. If it’s not all right, it is not yet the end”....... Patel, Hotel Manager, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

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