15 Feb - Two Ways to Live


Psalm 1:1-6 (Morning Prayer)

This psalmist starts the Psalter with a beatitude and then reflects on a binary contrast of life.

One comprises living according to the wisdom of the world. We often associate the word “wicked” with higher degree of evil deeds like murder or rape. But in the biblical context, it is just whatever that is “not good” or “not of God.” This “not good” wisdom faces us in every sphere of life, be it personal, home, workplace or church. Yes, it is not about "church verses the world.” It is about two different kingdoms.

We can choose to be fully engaged with this godless kingdom. Walking, standing and sitting in it. Or, we can choose to be fully engaged with His and allow His Word to dominate our thinking, desires and instincts (Psalm 1:2).

The promised result is a value that will last (Psalm 1:3). They will last through the ups and downs of life and indeed this is how you measure something that is truly valuable: they bring life in both good and bad times. Like the different seasons of nature, sunny or rainy, they all contribute to life. In its season, the fruits will show.

The “ wicked” are not so. Stripped from the source of life, they eventually dehydrate and become light like chaff. They become so worthlessly light and socially dispensable that the winds blows them away (Psalm 1:4).

There will be a congregation that will gather in eternity. Those who follow the ways of the wicked will not find a seat in her. Nor will they be able to stand up to God's judgment (Psalm 1:5).

If one walk, stand and sit in wickedness in this life, he will be able to do so in God’s presence in eternity.

In this period of Lent, choose to invest in life, not death. Walk, stand and sit in the ways of Christ. Live well and be blessed. For those who are celebrating Chinese New Year, wish the blessings of Psalm 1 to everyone you meet.

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