6 March - Through Changing Times and Kings


Daniel 2:20-23 (Holy Communion) 

These words were Daniel’s response after God revealed to him in a vision the interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.  

Times and seasons are in God's hands. He changes them. I find that reassuring to know. For there is something about times and seasons, and with it the powerful forces of culture, which seems to assume their own power and dictate the affairs of men. 

Likewise the succession of kings and rulers. While on the throne, they seem so powerful and untouchable. Yes, God removes and sets them up. They rule but only for a moment and for a season permitted by Him. (See also Romans 13:1-2)

Daniel never loses sight of who the supreme king is and who is in control of nature and politics. 

It is this kind of faith that will help us to stay faithful through changing times and kings. There is much in today's rapidly changing world that cause us anxieties and leaves us clueless sometimes.

Singapore has her own challenges and on recent times, we are wondering about the next 4G leadership. But I often try to imagine what it will be like to live as a Christian in some of today's troubled nations. In the Cathedral, we are constantly praying for the situation in Syria, which do not seem to have any political solution in sight.

I can recall this prayer meeting when I was in Tung Ling Bible School as a student soon after I graduated from varsity. There was this Sri Lankan brother who was praying in deep desperation for his war-torn country which was in civil war. He was wailing and shouting. I wept along with him. It was hard to believe then that there can be any political solution. Yet today, peace has returned to his nation.

As we continue to pray for Syria, North Korea and so on, it does seem at times that our little prayers are only going up as far as the ceiling in the Cathedral, which while higher than most, is not where we want them to end up. Yet Daniel here reminds us that our prayers are based on a deep trust in God who is in control of the changing times and kings.

How comforting for those living under seasons of oppression and humbling for those who are on power to be reminded that "these too will pass."

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