This Blog

It has been on my mind to start a blog to help and encourage pastors and Christian leaders.

In my over 40 years of active Christian leadership and ministry, I have benefitted richly from those who have been in this longer than me. I may have encountered them in person or through observation from a distance. The word “mentoring” is an overuse word these days. I have seldom waited for someone to approach me and said, "I would like to mentor you." I have mostly initiated the learning process. Asking, reflecting, observing, emulating, noting.

In particular, I love to read. I have learned from many through their writings. Most are far from me in space and time, some long dead. Strangers they may be, but their writings became friends for the journey.

Some insights are simple. Some needed further reflection, which is a nice way of saying "I don't understand." Whether they are theologians, leaders, pastors or philosophers, there is always something to be learned.

In encountering ideas and principles, I have also learn to sieve them through the realities of life and ministry. Some are only helpful for a season. Some stands the test of times and help form a bedrock layers of truth that form a foundation for new ones.

Another reason for sharing is that I know that most pastors, if you are like me, set out dreaming for fruitfulness and success. It may be a dream to be a captivating preacher, a good leader or pastoring a growing church. You may have set under an inspiring Bible teacher and say, "I want to teach as well as that." The inspiring inspires. Having experienced my own share of fruitfulness and failures, I hope this blog can be of some encouragement and inspiration.

I should also add that the discipline of blogging (one form of journaling) is enriching as it encourages me to reflect and pen down my thoughts. A blog also encourages further interactions, online or in person. I look forward to that.

On another post, I have shared my past experiences. If I have not "been some of there and done some of that" I cannot imagine that you will bother to read me. It is not important that one should be successful, whatever that terms mean. But it is important that it is a journey that one has taken. Tales are born out of journeys, fairy-tales out of imagination. My feet have walked some of the ground, enough I trust, to share some tales.

May my reflections from these dusty experiences help and encourage you in some way.